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Wal-Mart Lighting Follow Up Post

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I recently wrote about lighting at stores and how it effects the retail environment and mood. In a follow-up to a story I  posted, Wal-Mart, Fashion and Lighting, I came across a related article about Wal-Mart's plan to find "better (energy-efficient) ways to illuminate a store".  In a move that is certainly "on-trend" the retailer is mulling over "more–environmentally friendly ways of lighting up a space".


On Nov. 1, Wal-Mart announced at a meeting of U.S. mayors in Seattle that it would partner with the former president’s (Bill) Clinton Climate Initiative to help identify green technologies and to bring down the price of eco-friendly products such as energy-efficient building materials and lighting systems.


More than a mere trend this is a change with substance.  States such as California are looking at changing energy efficiency requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings. Retailers are considering LED lighting, halogen lighting and natural light to conserve energy.


Fashion boutiques often use halogen infrared reflecting lamps for accent lighting with an energy-efficient touch. Peake is president of The Lighting Collaborative Inc., a Tustin, Calif.–based lighting education group and a consultant for Southern California Edison.



According to lighting consultant Kathleen Peake, though the California law does not specify a particular lighting technology, most retailers use LED lights for landscape lighting. The benefits of LED lights include an efficiency 90% greater than halogen, and are long-lasting (more than 50,000 hours) and do not create heat.

In the wake of the controversy that has come to press about Wal-Mart, it would be good public relations to install environmentally-friendly lighting. This is a benefit that is in addition to cost-efficiency and of course satisfying legal requirements in some states. 

Eco-fashion is growing in popularity and news of  Wal-Mart being more environmentally responsible will make for good PR buzz. And at this time of high energy and fuel costs many home owners are acutely aware of the sensible aspect of this.  Get some ultra-cool and efficient lighting for your home and "dressing room space", turn the furnace down and with the money you save buy a luxe cashmere sweater to keep you warm.

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