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So what is the ‘celebrity’ in celebrity fashion? The definition and methods of operation for this web site is that:

The ‘celebrity’ can be many things. Celebrities are, in a sense, models in our own living room / showrooms. High Fashion models of course are excellent at showing clothing to its best advantage. But as the current controversy over too-thin models illustrate, most of us don’t have the elongated, willowy frame of most of these models. Hence the celebrities who come in all body types and ages ‘model ‘ the same couture and designer clothing and can give us an idea of what a certain style would look like on a frame not so typical of high fashion models. The growing desire to see fashion as more than a spectator sport for the interested ‘outsider’ or having an interest in clothing styles addressed for those not included in the uber-elite and never-too-rich-or-too-thin cliques has led to changes in both the modeling and design worlds. Stella McCartney, Issac Mizrahi, Abaete. ……

Also, some modeling agencies are now including plus size and sophisticate divisions along side there high fashion divisions in response to broader demographics. Emme, Older super models. Ultimately, for the purpose of this blog the fashion is the celebrity or the focus.

I will cover both celebrity and star style. There are numerous celebrities but a star is rarer. Celebrity Fashion can be any famous person’s personal style, whether hit or miss and even the it Girl of the moment. Star style is the domain of the style icon those who have more hits than misses and who will have a fashion sensibility that will endure over time. or their style sense cause ripples in the fashion world that manifest even decades afterwards. Past decades has seen the iconic style these are Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy. 

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