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Small closet storage ideas – 7 amazing closet hacks

  • by Marissa
small closet storage ideas
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If you have a spare weekend or are just holed up at home – organizing a small closet space is great to meaningfully occupy your time. Not all of us can have the gargantuan walk-in closets that some are lucky enough to have – but clever small closet storage ideas can keep your wardrobe organized and easily accessible. Plus you can have a sense of satisfaction in making the most of a small closet space.

small closet storage ideas
Small Closet Storage Ideas

I live in an older house so the closet space is very small. To get you started I am going to share with you 7 small closet storage ideas that have worked for me. These clever but easy closet hacks will help organizing and declutter your closet. You can tweak or adapt solutions that fit you best!

Before implementing small closet storage ideas…. declutter

First things first – if you are drowning in clutter then have a good clear-out. Especially true during the change of seasons when so many are extolling trends for the fall or trends for the spring season, inspiring us to shop more! If you have clothes that don’t fit anymore or you just don’t wear anymore, you can donate them to a thrift store or sell clothing online with formats like eBay or Poshmark.

Space saving hangers and hanger hooks for small closets

hangers for small closets, small closet storage ideas
Hangers for small closets

It’s important to make small spaces work in a smarter way for you. There are hangers and hanger hooks for small closet that can help you accomplish this. The idea is to make use of vertical space to maximize your closet space. Space saving hangers and hooks are among the essential small closet storage ideas that can expand the capacity of your closet

Use the space on your closet door

You can also attach hooks on your closet door – either inside or outside to store items in your closet. Utilize hooks to store accessories like belts or even garments if this works for your particular situation. And you can suspend multi-tiered hangers from hooks affixed to a closet door or over the door racks for max space saving storage capacity.

Space saver bags

Space saver bags can save space by using them to store out of season clothes. Store them out of the way in your closet or to free up the maximum amount of space, store the out-of-season garments elsewhere such as furniture that has hidden storage compartments or underneath your bed.

Shelves, racks, rods and levels

Install closet shelves and rods at different levels. If you aren’t so handy, you can utilize Amazon Home Services to do the instillation. Another option to make things easier if you aren’t so handy is to purchase a closet system like the Rubbermaid Deluxe Custom Closet System or a modular closet system from ClosetMaid.

Get organized with baskets and drawers

One of the problems with an overstuffed closet is it can be hard to find what you are looking for. Drawers incorporated into your closet system can be an answer for this. When you have to dash out – and maybe running late- you don’t want to have to pull everything out of your closet to find something – and leaving a mess you will have to sort when you get back home.

Another good reason to not just save space but to organize everything really well, is that it will help stop your closet from becoming overstuffed and cluttered again.

External wardrobe storage ideas – racks for storage

You can also utilize pieces with a small footprint to store some things outside of your closet. Garment racks, coat racks, etc. If you utilize a garment rack you can place it behind a screen to make this option more aesthetically pleasing.

Increase your closet space – corner & small wardrobes

Finally, if your closet is still overflowing, a small wardrobe or corner wardrobe may be the answer. A corner piece furniture is great for making use of underutilized space.

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