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Sienna Miller’s Fashion Philosophy

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From FemaleFirst, we get Sienna Miller's fashion philosophy. A girl after my own heart when it comes to choosing what to wear. She does her own thing so that makes me look forward to her and bona-fide designer sister Savannah's fashion line Twenty8 Twelve. I hope it has its own signature look and shows creativity. Can't wait! (click on thumbs for bigger picture)


Style icon and actress Sienna Miller revealed her love of fashion recently. The ‘ Factory Girl’ star insisted that although she loves clothes, she is not that fashion conscious.She said;" I know what I like to wear and I enjoy shopping. But I don’t like to look too ostentatious or too glamorous; I‘m a bit scruffy."

Miller is currently planning to launch her new fashion line Twenty8 Twelve with her designer sister Savannah. Her style is inspired by music, art and moments – she said." I went to the Sickert and Degas exhibition the other day and I suddenly wanted to get a top hat and a frilly skirt" "It’s more about how it makes me feel, as opposed to how it affects other people."


sienna miller clothes style

 Sienna Miller at Chanel Dinner


sienna miller fashion style

Candid Picture – NY  May 13, 2007


Sienna Miller celebrity fashion clothes style

Candid Picture – NY  May 11, 2007



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