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Rihanna, Mandy Moore sing Umbrella

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I haven't been doing posts of late ( very busy)so I thought I'd get back into the habit of blogging so I can start to regularly update the site.

I came across this video of Mandy Moore singing Umbrella…I liked it and thought I'd share.

Hear Mandy's version of  Rihanna's catchy tune Umbrella and I also included a video of Rihanna singing her hit.

So I can relate the post to the topic of this blog as Rihanna has a range of umbrellas with Totes and Mandy Moore has a fashion line called Mblem (and I am hoping to break this blogger's/writer's block resulting from my absence).

Now to find topics to post and catch up on my emails! 


 Rihanna …




Mandy Moore's rendition… 




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