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Rental Fashion

  • by Marissa
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You can rent luxe designer handbags, jewelry, watches and sunglasses from Bag, Borrow or Steal .  You have the accessories now you can get properly kitted out with Chanel, Dior et al.
I caught this story on CNN yesterday. Yet another bit of helpful advice for frugal fashion. Marina Albright takes reporter Lola Ogunnaike on a tour of the Albright Fashion Library, a facility that caters to stylist for the fashion industry and top celebrities.

I disagree with the second woman in the video who said that it is tacky to rent designer clothing for special occasions. It would be only tacky if you could truly afford a $10,000 dress and rented instead of buying. For special and rare occasions, renting can be the best option.  CNN contributor Leslie Sanchez, who used the service to dress for inaugural events, stated this opinion in the video.  At a job interview, a fabulous outfit can give you that extra bit of confidence and look like you belong among the movers and shakers and eventually  climb the economic ladder and be able to one day buy that Galliano posh frock.

And why should the uber-rich have all the fun. The merely well-heeled also like to feel special.  Now, that’s not so tacky is it?

[Video that was included in this article is no longer available]

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