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Origiful Shoulder Bag or Handbag

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In perusing eBay for that coveted bargain or "snipe", I have come across many handmade bags and totes put up for auction or sale. As a tentative, very much amateur and self-taught handbag "designer" I couldn't help but take a closer look at the skill level of the various handbags offered for sale. Needless to say as with anything, there were varying levels of success. One of the variety of bags on eBay are the "booty bags" made from jeans. Below is one of the better handmade bags from seller trendy nana and mama on eBay
Which brings me to topic. This video shows artist Ian Padgham constructing bags or sacks from pants and then hand painting them.

A professional artist, Padgham decided to use the bags as a way to show his art. So whether amateur home seamstress / crafter or professional artist or trained, career high-end fashion designer / couturier or just pop fashion enthusiast, we can find in us somewhere an interest in design and style no matter how rustic or sublime.

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