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Octopi : An Emerging Indie Design Team

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I  will be posting emerging and independent designers often on this blog because I like to maybe familiarize those who may be unaware of a designer whose work they may really find suits them.  Sarah Welsh and Madeline Davy, Rhode Island School of Design graduates, are two designers to be showcased at Gen Art NYC . They launched their careers creating one-of-a-kind pieces in Brooklyn in 2003. Their label, Octopi is named for the animal in its ability to transform its color, texture and shape. The clothing line is available from New York to LA and their designs and where to buy can be seen at their website

10.jpg 04.jpg
From the Spring/Summer 2007 Collection

02.jpg 09_fall07.jpg

From the Fall 2007 Collection

Heidi Klum wore a dress designed by the duo for the September 1, 2006 cover of Entertainment Weekly seen here. Appropriate wardrobe choice for the photo shoot as Project Runway is all about new talent.


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