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NYFW Trends: Spring 2020, Volume & Retro

  • by Marissa
NYFW trends, spring 2020. volume, retro
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NYFW trends for the spring and summer bring an excitement of newness and retro vibes to inspire our shopping this season. The spring fashion trends seen on the runway at New York Fashion Week included floral prints, mixing patterns and prints. Volume in the form of full skirt silhouettes on dresses and puffy sleeves were also NYFW trends.

NYFW Trends – Which Century?

I wrote an article in December of last year about NYFW trends that hinted at what would be at retailers for the upcoming spring and summer season. In the video featured in that article, WWD Style Director Alex Badia mentioned retro and 1985 prom dresses and puffy sleeves, referencing pieces from Marc Jacobs‘ collection. But the collection may also be super retro as in 1885 (in a good way!). I love the sweeping volume. The designs look light, elegant and float as the models walk down the runway.

NYFW trends, puffy sleeves, 1894 dress
1894 La Mode, Puffy Sleeves
NYFW Trends, Marc Jacobs, Spring 2020
NYFW Trends, Marc Jacobs, Spring 2020

We need not look too far back, however, because puffy sleeves were de rigueur in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Princess Diana Wedding Dress, Puffy Sleeves
Princess Diana, Wedding Dress

NYFW Trends, Retro Inspired

The sweeping full silhouette of Marc Jacobs‘ designs reminded me a bit more of the Renaissance era. Some of the pieces from the Brock Collection remind me of parts of a Renaissance dress – the outer skirt present but a shorter or missing underskirt or petticoat.

Lady Jane Grey – image source
NYFW trends, spring 2020. volume, retro
NYFW Trends, Spring, Brock Collection

NYFW – Prairie Style Dresses

A look that was common in the 1970’s – the western prairie which itself was nostalgic fashion from the mid 19th century America was seen in the Brock Collection and the Marc Jacobs Collection.

NYFW Trends, spring 2020, Brock Collection
NYFW Trends, Spring 2020, Brock Collection
NYFW Trends, Marc Jacobs, Spring 2020
NYFW Trends, Marc Jacobs, Spring 2020
1970s prarie dress
1970s Prairie Style Dresses

Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton

At Paris Fashion Week, Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton collection gave a nod to the Belle Époque era of Paris . The era which dates from about 1871 to 1914 was named in hindsight during the turbulent times of the early 20th century.

Fashion Week Trends, Retro, Painting, Marchand de fleurs, la rue du Havre, Paris, Louis Marie De Schryver 1893
Marchand de fleurs, la rue du Havre, Paris, Louis Marie De Schryver 1893

According tho show notes color, cut and design of the pieces denotes a return “to the origins (which give) rise to a high society that expresses itself through a new Belle Époque, as if in tribute to that vivacious time when Paris was pure enchantment,” The looks of some of the clothing also reflect 1970’s styles.

Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton, Puffy Sleeves Trend
Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton, Puffy Sleeves Trend
!970's puffy sleeves
!970’s puffy sleeves top

On fashion trends as retrospective

These times may not seem as acute given the condensed retrospective that is characteristic of a historical perspective. Perhaps it is a look to the past to escape the present. Not just to escape but to bring a beauty of design and that is without a doubt achieved.

Spring 2020 Trends, A Look Ahead in Fashion

Floral prints, puff sleeves and mixing patterns and prints were among the spring 2020 trends seen on fashion runways. Knowing the trends-to-come isn’t just useful

Fashion as an artistic summation of humanity continually folds new layers into old. Fashion is fun but in quieter times it can also cause one to reflect. Looking ahead to Spring 2020 trends in fashion also means looking back at the past. Or, as the saying goes – Every thing old is new again!

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