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Last minute gift ideas, I mean really last minute!

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Forget something? No worries at all because there are plenty of options if you have to hurry up and find a gift for someone. There are tons of last minute gift ideas and you can find something to suit the gift recipient. There are digital options and depending on the area in which you live (larger metropolitan areas are more likely to have quick delivery) you can order a gift on Christmas eve and have it delivered in time on Christmas day.

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Last minute digital gifts

If you are cutting it really, really close there are always digital products as last minute gift ideas If you don’t want to do the obvious fall-back of a gift card there are other options. There are digital gifts such as audio and e-books, streaming subscription services and bundled digital services.

For the gamer, a streaming platform subscription

last minute holiday gifts, last minute digital gifts

Do you have someone in your life that’s a gamer? Subscription to a streaming platform for gaming would be a good fit! Try Twitch Prime .

Streaming music service subscription

last minute holiday gifts, last minute christmas gifts

Music streaming services are great because whatever the gift recipient’s music taste – they are likely to find something they like.

Video streaming subscription

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Music and video combination subscription packages

Is the gift recipient a music and movie fan? No Problem! You can also bundle these services..

House services

Another great idea that many would appreciate is help around the house. You can gift services such as house cleaning or handyman services.

Audio books and digital books

last minute gift ideas, last minute digital gifts, last minute Christmas gifts

E-books and audio books are also appreciated gifts.Especially subscription services that allow you to enjoy many great books throughout the year.

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