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IQONS – a pop fashion social network

  • by Marissa
iqons fashion social network logo
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IQONS is a social network devoted to all aspects of fashion.  Not only for professionals but a great place for those who love fashion to discover unknown talent.  Come and visit and maybe stay a while!

iqons fashion social network



iqons fashion social network



iqons fashion social network


From the site:

IQONS is a social networking community that aims to set fashion and creativity free of geographic and social limits and create a free platform where people connect, show their work and start alternative networks across the world to invigorate fashion globally.

IQONS is the world’s first truly interconnected ‘fashion ecology’ comprised of designers, retailers, models, PRs, photographers, hair and makeup artists, stylists, financiers, show producers, magazines, bloggers, manufacturers, head-hunters, consumers, aficionados… basically anybody with an interest in fashion. IQONS is a social networking site for the fashion community. For professionals, stars, students and everyone interested in fashion designers, stylists, fashion photographers and models.

There is a magazine and you’ll find high caliber creative people like photographer  Renato Filho, (an example of his photography is included in this post. Find more of his work at


Keep reading  for more…  a film from another IQONS member.


Underbelly Film is an award-winning motion graphics consultancy and film production company specializing in innovative filming, motion graphics and sound design for international clients including Nike, Iqons, Rodnik, YKK and Kei Kagami. As original contributors to Onedotzero at London’s ICA, and You Wear it Well in Hollywood, Underbelly’s motion graphics and fashion films have been broadcast and screened around the world.


100mm from Underbelly Film on Vimeo.

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