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Indie and DIY Fashion: The Thread Heads

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I really like independent design as a great ‘alternative fashion’, so-to-speak. It is accessible to those who don’t have the budget for items from big fashion houses and established designers. (Similarly, one of the inspirations for was alternative participation in current fashion . Some celebrity brands are good and some not so much, but it gives the frugal a chance to participate in some way in the fashion scene.)

All lovers of independent designers and DIY fashion will want to spend a lot of time at, a site for indie fashion. There you will find all kinds of great resources: info on emerging and independent designers, DIY fashion tutorials, a forum and member videos. This is especially great if you have the creativity bug yourself, you can showcase and share your own designs and pick up useful tips and inspirations.

Below is a video from as the “Thread Heads'” report on THREAD a trade show in San Francisco for emerging designers. Great tips for aspiring designers and fun to watch for fashion lovers.

(for those who watched the video, I really like the “skinny jeans” girl’s sewing machine. Must get for my atelier!)

It has a been more than a month since my last post and I had no intention of the blog going silent this long. But my job and the process of looking for a better job among other things has consumed so much of my time. I have been working on internal structure things and planning a definite direction for this blog, however, so I have been steadily working on things just not writing content as much as I would like. With fashion weeks and awards shows and lots of news happening this was not the best timing for juggling all I have to do. And I hope that as the designer from said, “give 110%” to this web project of mine!



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