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Getting Jeans That Fit

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Historically, there have been quests that occupied a lifetime and give that life meaning, such as the fabled quests for the Holy Grail. Modern life may have taken away the more clear cut quests and filled our lives with distractions and seeking “bread and circuses” but many fashion lovers balance art and the philosophical with the aesthetic. Pampering yourself can recharge your batteries to tackle more serious things. A great fitting pair of jeans can give you that boost (both emotionally and posteriorly) that can lift your spirits while lifting and shaping your backside. A quest for the fashion conscious has been getting a pair of jeans that flatter one’s shape.

Jeans that fit right gives a series of questions concerning waist, butt and hip shape to find denim that fits your body. ( also help fit bras)

jeans booty cam

And Hub Clothing at Scottsdale Fashion Square, gives shoppers the option of a “butt cam” that gives a rear view of the shopper in the jeans they are thinking of buying. (But don’t forget the camera adds 10 pounds!)

(Watch video excerpt below – click arrow)

[local /wp-content/uploads/butt-cam-1.WMV]


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