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Fashion’s Next Transition

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I came across an interesting article at that asked whether or not fashion as we know is dead. In the past when looks appeared on the runway six months in advance they were not so accessible. Now with the internet and television coverage the looks show up in the local malls before the designers' lines go into production. And more so, many new and popular looks come from pop culture – movies, videos etc.

Are designers running out of ideas? Increasingly there are revivals of revivals. The 60's inspired looks current this season are an example. There was a surge in 1960's the look in the early 90's. The articles says that emerging and independent designers will most likely keep high fashion aloft.

I agree that fashion is becoming more diverse and fuzzy, but I believe there are just more participants to share the spotlight. Ultra-luxe clients will still purchase as part of their niche group if marketed to effectively. Quality, both in construction and design will be a wise survival tactic for any brand.

Premium denim,  pop-fashion brands such as Seven For All Mankind and Diesel have loyal customers because of the quality of the product and because the cut of that particular brand fits their particular body shape. Indeed those labels that depend on having as its customer base those who mindlessly follow a trend because it is "in at the moment" or to emulate some celebritiy's lifestyle may be in jeopardy. I look at seeing a particular celeb wearing an outfit I like in a way similar to seeing someone walking by me on the street who is dressed in an interesting look. It is just an inspiration to adapt a style that I may feel would suit me personally. We have our original ideas for dress and often we may borrow a hint of a look from a stylish friend. From a popular blog's catchphrase – Style For All !

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