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Fashion. What is it about?

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Fashion is fun, perplexing, daring and human. Fashion is creative, right-brain, personal, conforming and rebellious. It can be any or all of these things. Fashion can be a a mood, a statement, a uniform to declare visually your point-of-view. It is eclectic or plain, daring or safe. At its best it is unpredictable, unexpected or a ‘breath of fresh air’.

Fashion is well thought-out and considered. Fashion is what you decide to wear on the spur-of-the-moment or an ensemble put together on a whim. Fashion is the most trivial, fleeting trend-of-this-week. Fashion is inspired art for the human form. Fashion is all these things and more. Fashion is above all human and as humans vary so do the reasons for the choice clothing worn by those who subconsciously or consciously and purposefully choose a style.

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