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Designer Fashion on a Budget

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Designer clothing labels can be attainable on a limited budget by following these timely tips from wikiHow. Frugal fashionistas take note!

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How to Find Designer Clothing on a Budget

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Designer clothing is desirable for so many people but not so many people can afford it. Here are some ways to help you find designer gear at a more affordable price.


  1. Shop at used clothing stores. There are several possibilities here:
    • Try designer clothing consignment stores. These stores carry designer fashions that the owner no longer wants to wear but would like to get a little bit of money for. The owner of the store takes some of the sales price and the seller gets the rest. You, the buyer, often get a real bargain. Many times the clothing in these stores has been barely worn. Be prepared for last season’s fashion sometimes but if the clothing is designer, it should withstand radical fashion changes and will be well tailored, well fitting and of good quality fabric.
    • Shop at thrift stores in wealthy areas. You will have to rummage a fair amount, so be prepared for some hard work but amazing bargains can be uncovered.
    • Try market stalls. Some market sellers specialize in selling used designer wear. You can search in local phone directories or on the Internet.
  2. Wait for factory outlet sales. For lower level designers, these stores are around in most major cities. For more high-end, expensive designer wear, the outlet stores are fewer except in fashion mecca cities, such as Montreal. If you are near them, you will score some amazing bargains that didn’t get sold for one reason or another to the stores and designers that were meant to take them. These are usually advertised in newspapers and by way of flyers or wall posters.
  3. Visit rag trade districts. Again, this works only in cities that specialize in making the clothing but they will often have some streets lined with boutiques that are so competitive, their designer label prices are kept much lower than in other parts of the world.
  4. Shop online. Try eBay and other online auction sites. Sellers do the walking, rummaging and stocking for you. All you need to do is sit there with your mouse hovering over the clothes that interest you. Ask questions if the photos are unclear or there isn’t enough information supplied.
  5. Have a fashion swap party. Get your friends together and ask them to bring at least one piece each of designer gear they no longer want and start swapping. Don’t forget to include jewelry, scarves and hats as part of the swap party.


  • Mix and match – buy one good skirt, one good pair of pants and one good jacket that match and then mix with a variety of tops, necklaces and good shoes to make it seem that your outfit is constantly changing.
  • Larger sizes can always be altered to fit a smaller size but not the other way round. Keep this in mind when buying your bargain.
    1. Are there any older people than yourself in your neighborhood? For example, if you are 12 years old, ask that 16 year old for any old clothing she can’t wear anymore.
    2. Share and borrow clothing with close friends. You can put a little difference in your outfit for free.
  • TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are great for designer stuff. But be warned, they also have some stuff that no one bought for a REASON.


  • Watch out for fake designer wear, especially when traveling; for example, don’t trust a sign saying that something is a Pashmina in Hong Kong unless you really know your Pashminas. If it is too cheap, you are probably being sold a bunny.
  • Be careful if you buy seconds (as opposed to “used” items); there may be pulled threads, missing buttons, stuck zips etc. Be sure the fault can be repaired before buying.

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