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Chicago Focuses on Fashion

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In a bid to become more than just a "nice Midwestern town"  Chicago, the City of the Big Shoulders is adding muscle to its local fashion industry.  The Chicago Fashion Incubator, in which six emerging designers will participate in a year-long program mentoring program and Macy’s  Distinction in Design Competition held Oct. 9, where anyone can show their sketches or samples to Macy’s buyers and trend managers, are two projects devoted to fashion. These are only a sample of the myriad events Chicago has planned, including a frenzy of activity during Fashion Focus Week, October 9-14. Also two websites are planned for consumers, designers and retailers and to promote Chicago's fashion industry: and

How does the saying go… that "all politics is local"? Well in the changing fashion scene – faster paced, more diverse, democratic and competitive – and therefore people are always on the look out for new, innovative ideas and 'what's next', – a new mantra of fashion could soon be "all fashion is local".

The rise of celebritydom has too many downsides but has made many more people aware of fashion, current styles and the hottest or newest designers. (If that makes many of us aware of aesthetics then thats a good thing if we still have a sense of our own style). Chicago being in between the two U.S. coasts may help some in the democratization of fashion ( I have seen some bloggers rather derisive of "fly over country"). 

Celebrity fashion lines sometimes are wonderful and many times sub-standard. But Chicago's efforts will  be a plus in making many more consumers aware of good design and perhaps raise the bar for fashion lines. The nickname for Chicago, "Paris on the Prairie" will have new meaning as the "Second City" aims to be  first in fashion.

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