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Britney Spears’ fashion wild side…?

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Britney Spears has been opting for the edgy side of fashion lately. And when I saw her in this latest outfit, I had to say "what was she thinking?!!" The man’s hat, the red bra or bikini top underneath the see-through shift? The cowboy boots? Ripped fishnets?


But then I had to think again! Gwen Stefani has made poular the "Harajaku girls"  style of Japan to Westerners.  And Madonna pioneered her own original look in the 80’s – and pulled it off. Hordes of teens and young women dressed like her.  But Britney Spears is not pulling off this eclectic, who-cares-anyway look. Since erstwhile pal Madonna may not be available, perhaps Gwen Stefani and her Harajaku dancers can give her a few pointers on getting the feel of the look she is going for.
A Gothic-Burlesque-Western sort of look ?


Madonna, the 1980’s 


Gwen Stefani and Harajaku Dancers



Girls and young women known for their street style named for the Harajuku district of  Tokyo, Japan who wear the "Gothic Lolita" or Gothloli style of fashion. Other sub-styles are Second-hand Fashion and Decora.

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Gwen Stefani and Harajaku Dancers,

Britney Spears,


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