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Be on Tommy TV – Tommy Hilfiger music site

Tommy TV Tommy Hilfiger
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This is the sort of find that is sure to get me inspired to blog again on a regular basis. The video below is of Julie Corrigan singing  “Angel” for a contest held by Tommy Hilfiger and Sony, in which the winner will perform at a live event and gain exposure.  launched about 2 months ago and the site features established recording artists and also bring attention to unsigned musicians and singers. (Read more about this project at

Fashion and music have, for many years, influenced one another. The Fashion Rocks event which precedes New York Fashion Week is the highest profile event that synthesizes this collaborative, symbiotic relationship. Hilfiger and Sony with the Hilfiger Sessions project have further defined and invigorated this relationship.

Listen to Julie Corrigan’s rendition of “Angel” (I promise it is well worth a listen!). Share this video and/or upload your own song if you wish.

[youtube RdoHZioNsnc&hl]

Do you dare? Upload your performance to if you have the talent, the ‘X’ factor ..whatever it takes!

And of course when you make it big Tommy Hilfiger can give you advice for that clothing line that will be sure to follow!

(Contest instructions and link further below)

Then check out and enjoy an impressive roster of performers.

Be among stars like Wyclef Jean and Kelly Rowland, and perform live on stage at an exclusive Hilfiger Sessions event in one of Europe’s hottest cities

How? Follow this easy three-step process:
1. Upload an original music clip of you or your band at
2. Tag your video with ‘TommyTV’ and ‘Hilfiger Auditions’
3. Then get your fanbase to reward your clip with lots of views and 5-star ratings!

Round #2: The top 10 most viewed and highest ranked music clips on Youtube will be nominated and streamed on for viewing and promotion by your fans in a second competition round.
Round #3: Then, the Hilfiger Sessions music director will choose a final winner who will be rewarded with an on stage performance at one of the Hilfiger Sessions live events.

Hilfiger Auditions / London, 2008
Round #1: April 16, 2008 – July 1, 2008
Round #2: July 1, 2008 – August 1, 2008
Round #3: August 1, 2008 – August 16, 2008

For complete terms and conditions, please visit

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