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Ashlee Simpson, Rose McGowan: Coats

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Ashlee Simpson looks like a forlorn little girl, (albeit a stylish one), in the above photo by including sheer below the knee socks in her outfit. Another celebrity style winner is Rose McGowan in her colorful coat and contrasting textured fur (faux fur?) collar. Steal their style and usually at sale prices this time of year!

In emulating Ashlee Simpson’s style I thought I’d reverse the curve a bit, and I would choose brightly colored coats and would pair the coat with a more muted handbag. And as far as clearance sales and next season’s styles clashing with the previous season’s. I keep those in my closet because you can re-do most things to make them work and look curent ( big Isaac Mizrahi show fan here, check it out on the style network) and also keep those sale items because it’ll prob. be ‘vintage’years from now. pictures: ,

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