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Alyssa Milano adds jewelry, accessories to Touch sports themed label

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Alyssa Milano recently announced on her blog at, the addition of jewelry and accessories to her Major League Baseball themed clothing line. 

Hi guys! I have more exciting news. I have just signed a deal with Aminco to expand TOUCH to fashion jewelry and accessories! I will be debuting some of the looks at the All Star Game July 8th – July 10th. I will take lots of pictures to share with you!

Thank you for your support with TOUCH. I have no doubt you are all the reason the line has been so well received.

And Love,


The accessory and jewelry line will be launched at the MAGIC show trade in Las Vegas, August 27-30, 2007, and will be available for retail next spring. The line will include bracelets, necklaces-pendants, earrings and hair accessories.


Alyssa Milano Touch clothing line


Alyssa Milano TOUCH fashion line

      From Touch Clothing Line 


Here are some pictures of Milano wearing baseball earrings while watching batting practice at the All-Stars game, July 9th, in San Francisco. I'm not sure if the earrings are from her new jewelry line but Alyssa Milano is really quite comfortable in her second career as celebrity designer.


Alyssa Milano earrings


Alyssa Milano fashion earrings

From San Jose Mercury News 

“It’s still a start-up project, so everything that we’re making is going back into it,” she says. It has been in the works for three years. “Last year when I was at the All-Star Game, we didn’t even have samples ready, so the fact that it’s taken off and we’re expanding to accessories with Amenco, it’s just really going fast and furious and really rewarding.”

Rewarding enough to end her acting career? Not quite. She’s 34 and has a movie coming out, “Pathology.” But as to her designs on design …

“I’m still acting, but I think it would be a very nice way to retire if I choose to. An actress’ career is a lot like an athlete’s. You only have a certain amount of time before things catch up with you.”


 "It was only natural that the line should grow to include a line of jewelry for women who are baseball fans and are looking for a fashionable way to accessorize at the games, as well as outside the ballpark," Milano said.

(Get more info about Touch clothing line and and her take on all things baseball at Alyssa's MLB blog )


earring pictures: celebutopia 

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