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’15 Minutes of Fame’ Redux: The MicroCelebrity and T-shirts

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Myspace celebrities, Youtube celebs … Andy Warhol has never seemed more prescient than now, the age of the internet, when he made his statement that “in the future, everyone will be (world) famous for fifteen minutes”. Australian “Best Party Evah” kid has seemed to acquire this dubious sort of fame with his semblance and catch-phrase printed on a message T-shirt at The 16-year old Aussie shirt-sunglasses kid threw a get-together that spiraled out of control and from there the rest is history…

“I’ll Say Sorry But I’m Not Taking Off My Glasses”

Message t-shirts australia

Of course you can have a fame of your own, at least among your circle of friends and family. At the public is able to have customized merchandise made like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, calenders, posters, print-on-demand books, audio and data Cds/DVDs and such. Many, many possibilities for products to sent to your circle … pictured, gifts, birth announcements, staying in touch etc.

They even offer an online shop to sell your creations to the general public. I think this is great idea because there are no upfront costs and it is an economical way for fashion students, struggling designers, or anyone who has a design idea to create a buzz for their product. As someone with ” no. budget. whatsoever. ” for any ventures, I see this as an amazing opportunity for new ideas to get noticed. You can also promote you business or charitable cause this way. Writers, artsists, musicians, whomever can just upload their idea or artwork, et voila! Cool.

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