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Visible Panty Line Fixes – 10 Easy Tips to Erase VPL for a Flawless Look

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You have the perfect bodycon little black dress but before your evening out you notice one thing that isn’t so perfect. It doesn’t matter how good your outfit looks, it will disrupt the line of your dress, skirt or pants if you have visible panty line (VPL) creases or your underwear can be seen through the fabric.

There are 2 basic cases that lead to visible panty lines. The first is thin or sheer fabric where underwear can be seen through clothing. The second case is when tight or clingy clothing shows the outlines, creases and bumps of underwear. You can also have both happen with clothing that is both thin and tight/clingy.

There are many visible panty line fixes to keep your outfit on point. It is important to wear the right size/fit and type of undergarments for a smoother silhouette. I am going to share with you 10 easy tips to get rid of VPL and achieve a neat and polished look in your outfits without going commando.

  1. Wear the right size and fit of underwear

    When you buy lingerie make sure you get the right size and fit. Make sure that your lingerie is not too tight. It is especially important for plus size and curvy women to choose lingerie that fits. Underwear that is too tight can leave lines and creases where the elastic squeezes and digs in. If you choose very loose underwear, it can bunch up and show bumps and wrinkles

  2. Wear pantyhose or tights over underwear

    A very easy visible panty line fix is to wear pantyhose or tights over underwear to smooth over bumps and lines. You can also cut off the leg part of the panty hose and just wear the panty part of the hosiery over your underwear. Tights or pantyhose will also give a nice shape to your lower body.

  3. Wear shapewear

    Shapewear is another alternative to smooth pantylines if you don’t find them too constraining and uncomfortable.

  4. Wear boy short style panties

    You can wear boy shorts to avoid showing bumps and outlines. Boy shorts don’t leave any lines because they do not cut across your bottom but instead the seams end above your thigh, lessening the chance of visible lines.

  5. Wear seamless underwear

    Seamless panties are one of the best solutions to avoid bumps and outlines. They are a go-to solution when you are wearing close-fitting clothing like leggings, skinny jeans or bodycon dresses. Seamless underwear is made to have no visible seams and to lay flat against the skin There are many brands of seamless underwear available in a variety of styles including boy shorts, bikinis and thongs.

  6. Wear thong underwear

    Thong underwear completely eliminates any bumps and creases from panty lines. There are a few varieties of this underwear type available. Aside from the standard type of thong, there are also seamless thong underwear and strapless or stick-on thong panties (An example image is at the end of this list). An adhesive is used to secure the strapless thongs. This type of thongs is very useful for dresses with a deep thigh slit because the entire hip line is bare. .Another option is the Brazilian thong which is a bit wider at the back than a standard thong.

  7. Wear a slip under dresses and skirts

    Some dress or skirt fabric may be just too thin leaving your underwear visible through the fabric. You may have to wear a slip under garments made from thin fabrics such as a light-
    weight cotton or linen fabric. You can wear a traditional slip/half slip or a culotte slip to keep your underwear hidden from view. (Some have suggested wearing the same color underwear as your dress/skirt/pants. But if the fabric is too thin that won’t help much. The color-matched underwear may contrast with your skin tone leaving your underwear visible through the fabric.

  8. Wear slip shorts or bike shorts

    Slip shorts are non-constricting under garments that smooths like a slip but that you can wear under both dresses skirts and pants. You can wear slip shorts or even bike
    shorts under pants, shorts, dresses and skirts to help eliminate panty lines.

  9. Wear clothing made from thicker fabric, fabric with a busy print/ pattern or fabric with texture.

    This is especially important if you are wearing a clingy or figure hugging dress. These
    kinds of fabrics will eliminate the chance of underwear being visible through clothing and also lessen bumps, creases and lines.
    (For dresses, skirts and pants made of silk, satin or other lightweight fabrics, invest in good seamless underwear, shapewear, pantyhose or slip shorts.)

  10. Wear nude-color underwear

    Matching your underwear with your skin tone can keep your underwear from being as noticeable if the fabric of your dress, skirt or pants is somewhat thin or less opaque.
    Standard underwear (that is not seamless or thong types) that matches your skin tone can be useful if the clothing isn’t too tight or clingy but just lightweight or thin. Seamless underwear that matches your skin tone, however does double duty. Nude seamless underwear eliminate bumps and lines and also won’t show under clothing made from sheer/thin fabrics.

Here are a few images of types of underwear mentioned in the list of tips on how to get rid of panty lines.

And the last thing take a look in a mirror to make sure you have the smooth silhouette you seek. These tips should cover 99% of situations where there is threat of the dreaded visible panty line. But be confident! Remember that one outfit choice does not an entire wardrobe make. The good thing about clothing is that you can always change things up next time.

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