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Sarah Jessica Parker: Two Reviews of the Bitten Clothing Line

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As often the case with celebrity designed (or inspired as is in many cases) fashion lines the collections as well as the reviews are a hit and miss proposition.

sarah jessica parker bitten  sarah jessica parker bitten

The review gave a left-handed compliment in stating that "nothing looks like anything SJP would ever wear".

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Last week, when SJP previewed Bitten on "Oprah," the host gushed and her audience went berserk. Real-life women got the chance to put on some of the pieces, and Parker herself donned one of the collection's suits. That a suit can be put together, each piece under $20, is a boon to working women everywhere looking to get a professional leg up without breaking the bank. Bitten's more casual aspects – cute cuffed jeans, colorful tanks, wide-leg khakis and easy cotton dresses – are better made than you'd think, without that "disposable fashion feel." They really are made for every woman, at every size and budget.


sarah jessica parker bitten   sarah jessica parker bitten

But is less generous in evaluating the clothing line:

…there's not much to say about this bland line of mismatched basics. Case in point: a tailored waistcoat paired with knickers made out of sweatshirt material shows clear evidence of fashion schizophrenia. 

For those in need of another cheap pair of khakis, another cheap t-shirt or another vaguely bohemian camisole top, the collection will be available starting June 7th in Steve & Barry stores nationwide. All items retail for $19.98 or less.

"Fashion is not a luxury, it's a right," is Bitten's call to revolution. However, if this is the best "fashion" that can be offered to the masses, perhaps there should be someone rallying for the cause of savings accounts. That way, people might actually acquire something for their wardrobe worth the high price of the gas they'll use up driving to the mall to purchase it.


One thing for sure, the launch of Bitten on June 7th has motivated me to take a look at the local Steve & Barry store next month. I haven't shopped there before. With the dichotomy of the descriptions from (…better made than you'd think, without that "disposable fashion feel.") and ( ..bland line of mismatched basics ..), I am more than a little curious. Of course fashionwiredaily could be comparing apples and oranges.  They speak of  rallying the cause of savings accounts – who isn't? And for that matter checking accounts too. Just as Sarah Jessica Parker herself has, I would love to have a closet filled with high-end designer clothes and accessories. But like so many, I can't afford that so instead must seek out cheap-chic and the occasional good deal for higher-end designer clothes to have some variety in my wardrobe. 

When the Bitten collection hits stores I'll let you know what I think of them compared to other cheap-chic brands (such as at Target, etc.). If any of you view or purchase from the collection let me know what you think by leaving a comment.



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