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Katy Perry Jelly Sandals, A Super Cute Find!

Katy Perry jelly sandals, Geli, Geli Gem, Geli Flip-Flop, Geli T-Stap
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Katy Perry is known for fashion that is whimsical and colorful so her shoe line would naturally have pieces that are vibrant and in some cases off the beaten track. The Katy Perry jelly sandals are a must have for your summer wardrobe. The Katy Perry shoe collection includes fun, quirky jelly sandals that will give your casual outfit a lift! Katy Perry jelly slides are a perfect accompaniment to crop jeans or crop pants. Another idea is to wear a casual shift dress with the Katy Perry jelly sandals for a pop of color.

The Katy Perry Collections was established in the spring of 2017 and continues to offer eye-catching and at times quirky designs. Katy said her fashion brand had taken a “pause” to “revamp and relaunch” with Amazon. She recently had an Amazon Live broadcast with Selena McCartney, her co-designer for the Katy Perry shoe collection. She describes her inspiration for her designs. She stated that the themes of the shoe collection on Amazon were inspired in part by a trip to Egypt.

Katy Perry said that other streams of inspiration for the shoe designs are conversations, textures, art deco, and glitter. The jelly sandals, which are beyond adorable, were inspired by nostalgia – memories of adored jelly sandals when Katy was a little girl. Also on the Amazon Live stream were Paige DeSorbo of Summer House and influencer Ellenor Kim, who shared their styling tips for their favorite shoes in the collections.

Katy Perry Jelly Sandals: The Geli, Geli T-Strap and Geli-Flip Flop

I can’t possibly do justice to the variations in the Katy Perry jelly sandals, so you have to head over to Amazon to see the complete collection. The descriptions say the designs encompass “Katy Perry’s vision, eye for detail & cheeky spirit”. The toe thong of the Katy Perry Geli Sandal feature detailing such as fruit, a rainbow, a lady bug and an ice cream cone. There are 33 designs so check them out on Amazon to see the complete collection. Other jelly sandals styles are the Katy Perry Gelli T-Strap (available in 9 colors) and the The Katy Perry Geli-Flip Flop (available in 12 colors). What’s more, to add to the sense of fun, the jelly sandals have scented soles! There’s nothing like fragrance to elevate your mood and the jelly sandals are imbued with scents such as strawberry, lemon, perfumes and florals.

Katy Perry jelly sandals, Geli, Geli Gem, Geli Flip-flop, Geli T-Strap
Katy Perry Jelly Sandal: The Geli, Geli Flip Flop, Geli T-Strap

We can’t all be an iconic pop star but with Katy Perry jelly sandals and other shoes from the collection we can add some of the color and vibrancy that is Katy Perry. What’s more the shoes are very affordable so you can stock up with several different colors!

Shop Katy Perry Jelly Sandals

And because the focus of this website is fashion, here are examples of Katy Perry’s unique sense of style and at times wild fashion. In this first photo she adds just a touch of whimsy to her outfit by accessorizing her Dolce & Gabbana red velvet dress with an amazing cake slice clutch .

Katy Perry Fashion
Katy Perry Fashion

For her performances, Katie Perry often goes for full out, colorful kitsch.

Katy Perry Fashion
Katy Perry Fashion

Katy Perry has fun with fashion and adds something a little different. With her line, Katy Perry Collections, you can add fun to your fashion choices too!

Images: Pinterest, Katy Perry Collection

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