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Jennifer Lawrence – reStyled!

  • by Marissa
Jennifer Lawrence, Berlin Premiere - No Hard feelings
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For the premiere of her movie, No Hard Feelings, Jennifer Lawrence wore a black blazer dress from the Givenchy fall 2023 collection. Despite the designer label, many across the internet weren’t feeling it when it comes to this red carpet star style. (Check out the reactions here and here.)

Jennifer Lawrence, Berlin Premiere - No Hard feelings
Jennifer Lawrence, Berlin Premiere – No Hard feelings. Givenchy, Fall 2023, black blazer dress.

This is the reLaunch – (so to speak) of this site so what better way to do so than an intro to a brand new category. The category is called ‘re-Styled’. On these posts, we will take ‘fashion victims’ and turn them into fashion victors. We will find designated fashion victims chosen by the fashion council of internet buzz – in other words it will be crowd sourced. So, let’s get started!

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Jennifer Lawrence’s red carpet look is styled differently than the Givenchy runway look. The runway model is wearing a full length black coat which balances the silhouette. JLaw appears top-heavy and the pointy shoes only accentuate this! Add to that, her skin tone is much paler than the runway model’s which has the effect of breaking her silhouette into ‘chunks’ which just doesn’t work with this whole look.

photo source – Vogue

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Jennifer Lawrence x Billie Eilish style vibe

To help our fashion victim, we will get inspiration from another celeb who has style for days but is also vogueing a similar vibe. Billie Eilish is unconventional and stylish. She is a musician, however, and as such, artists can and do explore the very edge of edginess. JLaw, however, is all about the glam when walking the red carpet in Hollywood and beyond. But JLaw also has that edgy vibe. The solution – combine simplicity and a quirky-cool vibe (her aesthetic) and glamour in an outfit that suits her body type.

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In this reStyled post, we will restyle in the same piece, the little black dress. To begin, we will keep the length short. Afterall Jennifer Lawrence’s legs are simply fab!

For the first dress option, I would choose something like this:

I say “like this” because the overall shape/silhouette is what I mean. The fabric of this particular dress is jersey but a less ‘casual’ fabric may be desired for the red carpet. But I like the less fussy look of this LBD – it seems to suit Jennifer Lawrences personality as well. {This dress is available at Amazon.)

Again for the shoes – it is a ‘something like this situation’. The blocky, chunky style is really the ‘edge’ – in a subtle way that’s added to the glam. These shoes would go well with the casual jersey dress in this post, but something a little dressier would be better with a dress like the one above that’s more glam. Key would be to have a shoe in a chunky platform style.

I really like the drapey, silky sexiness of the following little black dress silhouettes. These would look great on JLaw and accentuate her toned legs. You can take a look at these dresses at Amazon. They are the PRETTYGARDEN Sleeveless Mock Neck Cocktail Dress (left) and the PRETTYGARDEN Puff Sleeve Belted Cocktail Dress.

Oh and shoes! Let’s not forget shoes! I like these sandals with a block heel. The slip on shoe goes well with the easy glam of the drapey little black dresses.

As for the finishing touches – hair and makeup (which isn’t covered on and jewelry, I will let you, the reader come up with that. Suffice it to say a silver or brushed steel look might do well with the looks depending on the fabric. Maybe I will save that for a later post!

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