Celebrity Winter Coats: Ariana Grande’s Faux Fur Coat Glam

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Ariana Grande is among the many celebrities embracing faux fur. Celebrities have access to the latest designer fashion including winter coats. We follow there style in sherpa jackets as well as teddy coats and puffer coats and faux fur can’t be left off the list. Designers have embraced faux fur in their collections and you will see many fabulous faux fur coats among celebrity winter coats. Let’s see how Ariana Grande goes for glam in luxe faux fur coats. See the designer coats and then take a look at similar styles that are more budget friendly.

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Givenchy Faux Fur Coat
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Marei 1998 Powderpuff velvet coat, faux-fur trim

Go for the chic and sophisticated look of the Marei 1998 Powderpuff velvet coat with black faux-fur trim. Keeping warm never looked so posh! The sumptuous silk velvet of the body of the coat and the regal plush faux fur trim on the lapel and bell sleeves radiate star style allure.

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Ariana Grande in Marei 1998 Powderpuff velvet coat with black faux-fur trim

The Marei 1998 Powderpuff coat has a silk velvet material for the outer shell. The faux fur coat has black faux-fur trim on the wide lapel collar and bell sleeves.

Marei 1998, Powderpuff velvet coat, faux-fur
Marei 1998 Powderpuff coat with faux-fur trim

Following, is a link to buy the exact coat in the image above – the coat Ariana Grande wore. If it’s too pricey, no problem, because I’ve assembled a collection of coats that have a similar look at more affordable price points. The first group has velvet as the outer shell material and the second group has a low-pile faux fur fabric as the outer shell to get the look of the silk velvet fabric of the Marei 1998 Powderpuff faux fur coat.

Marei 1998 Powderpuff Faux Fur CoatColor: Black

The look for less

While it would be so nice to have the designer, luxury label faux fur coats, you can still find good or reasonable quality winter coats at lower price points. The key is decent quality. We can examine the coats up close or rely on word-of-mouth. I’ve picked winter coats that are a similar style to Ariana Grande’s faux fur coats. You don’t have to pore over the choices because I’ve picked some that have the best buzz and approval. I’ve done the research for you so all you have to do is look fabulous in your own chic faux fur coat or jacket. Of course, to each his own when it comes to some details or preferences but what other’s think gives you a good starting point in picking a coat.

Faux Suede & Faux Fur Trim

This coat, the Geschallino Parka, isn’t a long coat but a long jacket that is about mid-thigh length. But it has a faux suede outer shell and has a detachable faux fur collar for a touch of glam. Click here for pictures of the coat on a model and for close-ups of the faux-fur and faux-suede on Amazon. The Buzz: The faux fur is described as fluffy and good quality and there are many positive comments. Read more of what people are saying – the same coat style is offered by another retailer here.

Geschallino Parka JacketColor/Style: Black, Suede, Detachable Collar and Belt

This faux suede trench coat is perfect for fall and spring. As with many trench coats, it isn’t too heavily lined but can be layered for colder weather,

Bellivera Faux Suede Trench Coat with Detachable Faux Fur CollarColor: Black

This short jacket is both glamorous and sporty!

Bellivera Faux Suede Moto Jacket with Detachable Faux Fur CollarColor: Black

The following 2 coats don’t have a lot of feed back at this site but as mentioned in the previous section, Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs is a quality faux fur brand worn by celebrities and seen in the pages of top fashion magazines.

Donna Salyers’ FabulousFurs Tobacco Faux Suede & Faux Fur-Trimmed Sequoia Full-Length Coat

Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Furs Latte Faux Suede & Faux Fur-Trimmed Knee-Length Coat

Silk Velvet Look & Faux Fur Trim

This coat has an outer shell of “sheared mink” faux fur with faux fox fur trim.

Champagne Mink Park Avenue Fox Collar Faux Fur Coat

There isn’t much feedback for the kemilove and ACE SHOCK faux fur coats but what comments there are, are positive. The prices are very moderate so these coats are definitely at least worth trying if they meet your fancy!

kemilove Faux Fur Coat

ACE SHOCK Faux Fur Coat

This short faux fur jacket looks sleek and elegant and it’s really affordable and so cute! Some commented that it isn’t as fitted for them as it appears in the image. But alterations shouldn’t cost that much and you can get the jacket tailored for your figure.

Helan Short Slim Faux Fur Coat

Faux Fur Vests, Scarves, Jacket

Last but not at all least – the faux-fur trim and silk-velvet looks in separate pieces – a velvety smooth faux fur jacket, faux fur vests and faux fur scarves/collars.

Bellivera Faux Fur Jacket

Caracilia Autumn and Winter Short Faux Fur Vest with Pockets

Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs Black Faux Suede & Faux Shearling Chalet Vest

These faux-fur scarves can be worn with coats as casual as denim jackets or with dressier coats and jackets.

Donna Salyers Pull-Through Scarf

Donna Salyers Faux Fur Scarf with Clip Color: Red Fox

These faux-fur collars can dress up any coat!

Futrzane Detachable Faux Fur Collar Color: Siberian Silver

SoulYoung Faux Fur Collar Color: Black

If you’re like me, occasionally you buy but mostly you browse. It’s still helpful to notice the styles women are wearing – for both everyday people and celebrities alike. I almost always see something I’d like to add in some way to my personal style – even if it’s just a hint or dash of it and not the full “flavor”. I hope you enjoyed ‘window shopping’ with me!

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